Spinal Decompression Testimonials

Judy Smith  - Eden NY

I have had neck and lower back pain for over 20 years. My specialist said that my only option was surgery. I said "no way" to having any type of surgery. My daughter had read an ad about Bukaty Family Chiropractic and Spinal Decompression and wanted me to give it a try. I met with Dr. Bukaty and she told me I was a candidate for Spinal Decompression. I decided to start although I didn't really believe I would get much out of it.

Once I decided to start the program I didn't expect to get that much relief. Well, it sure did. I feel like a new person. I can live my life and do regular activities including my gardening without any pain at all. I fully recommend that anyone who has back problems to give Bukaty Family Chiropractic a try. It can change your life like it did mine. The staff at the office is very helpful, kind and caring. Thank you Dr. Christina.

Myrtle Green - Holland, NY

I am 75 years old and have struggled with chronic back pain and right leg pain for at least 25 years during which time the pain became increasingly problematic. It interfered with my daytime profession as a teacher and also affected my routine exercise, walking, shopping, gardening and most everyday activities including sitting and standing. Medications lessened but were not effective in eliminating the pain.

During a recent trip to Alaska, which involved a land tour followed by a sea cruise, my condition worsened and I had to resort to a wheelchair on the ship and at the airport.

Lucky for me, Dr. Christina recommended a new treatment called spinal decompression. After completing the specialized protocol over a period of 5 weeks, I am completely pain free. A properly aligned spine, increased strength and flexibility allowed me to walk on the sand and the pier and up to 2 miles a day in Myrtle Beach. I now have confidence that I have gained another 20 years of an active satisfactory quality of life.

Whenever I notice a friend or aquaintance walking with a limp, or complaining of back pain, I do not hesitate to recommend this special therapy with Dr. Bukaty.

Kathleen Biryla - Hamburg, NY

Spinal Decompression changed my life. When I first arrived at Bukaty Family Chiropractic I was a mess! Every time I took a step I was in so much pain that I wanted to cry. I was unable to play tennis, play golf or ride my horse. I was depressed and I could not stand getting up in the morning. My pain was a direct result of a disc herniation between L1 and L2, along with an annular tear at L5-s1. Physical Therapy was not working and I was taking pain medication regularly.

I visited Dr. Christina through a friends recommendation, and after a free consultation and exam, Dr. Christina suggested I start spinal decompression. I was willing to try anything at that point so I agreed. Along with spinal decompression, I went through core strengthening and regular chiropractic adjustments. Within 10 sessions I was starting to improve and after 20 I was like a different person. Today, as a result of Spinla Decompression therapy, I am happy to say that I am Pain Free!

I ride my horse competitively, and I am back to playing tennis and golf. I can't say enough about Dr. Christina, her husband Leo Eckman and Sue. They are all committed to the health and well being of their patients. I would not hesitate to recommend Spinal Decompression therapy to anyone.

Edward B. - Hamburg, NY

I have had severe back pain for over 4 years, mostly due to spinal arthritis and bulging discs in the lower back. This condition has hindered my normal way of life. I would play a round of golf every week but the pain was so bad I would have to quit after 12 or 13 holes and just ride the cart or just skip that week. I could hardly enjoy my hobby of woodworking and I had difficulty picking up my grandchildren and I was taking multiple pain pills everyday. After consulting with my Chiropractor, Dr. Christina Bukaty D.C., I started a program of spinal decompression and core strengthening. About 2 weeks into the 6 week program I started doing some things that the pain would prevent me from doing before. After 3-4 weeks I was golfing a full round, I was working on woodworking projects, I can pick up my grandchildren and I am almost completely off all my pain medications.

After completing the decompression program, my life and daily routine are back to normal...pain free. I would highly recommend this program to any chronic back pain sufferer. Thank you Dr. Bukaty

Rich Dudkiewicz - Buffalo, NY

I was seeing a different chiropractor for about a year and it seemed as though the care I was under could not help me any further. I developed stenosis and could not get proper help until I was referred to Bukaty Spinal Aid of WNY. I was apprehensive at first but as I progressed with my treatments I started feeling better. Not really knowing what to expect from cervical decompression, I can say my life is a lot better.

The staff was both knowledgeable and caring. Any questions I had were answered in full. The scheduling for my appointments were very flexible as well. The way that I'm feeling speaks for itself. I have already referred some of my acquaintances, telling them a visit to Bukaty Spinal Aid would help them in the long run as it has helped me. 

Robert Stroud - Silver Creek

I am 75 years old and have had back problems since I was 20 years old. I have spent years in pain. At one point I was told I would need surgery. I refused to let them put a knife to my back. I have gotten some relief with the help of chiropractors.

I first met Dr. Bukaty at the Erie County Fair about 6 years ago. I became a patient and she has helped me ever since. For the last couple of years though I have had more trouble walking any more than the length of a street. When I was told about the new procedure, non-surgical spinal decompression, from Dr. Christina I gave it serious thought. I decided to try it. The results have been great. I can now walk alot further and keep up with my wife. I still get some pain if I am busy with chores but I sit down and rest for a short time and the pain goes away.

I would recommend this program to anyone with back pain. Try this before you choose surgery or dangerous drugs.

Dr. Christina takes personal interest in all of her patients. You are made to feel welcome every time you walk into the office. Thank you for helping me get my health back.

Sharon Palma - Derby, NY (Camera Shy)

Initially I was very skeptical but desperate to relieve my discomfort. I was also afraid that I would spend the money and really not be any better. When I first came in for my free consultation i felt very comfortable with the way everything was explained to me and I felt there was no pressure. I was even offered a trial period to experience spinal decompression first hand without any cost or obligation.

The staff at Bukaty Family Chiropractic and Decompression couldn't be nicer or more accomodating. I was taken care of in a very comfortable, homey environment. I also have been involved in their core strengthening program which has definitely helped because I had very little core strength prior to doing this program.

The spinal decompression worked and my whole experience at Dr. Bukaty's office has made a huge impact on my health and overall happiness. It was the best investment in my health I have ever made.

Kathy Armbruster - Hamburg

When I first came to Bukaty Spinal Aid of WNY I was a little apprehensive and knew very little about spinal decompression. After seeing the video I thought OK this could work. Now that I went through with the therapy, I realize it was the best thing I could have done.

I no longer wake up with pain in my back. I am back to doing everything I did before and more. Ask my grandkids about it, they are glad to have their grandma back!

Without a doubt, this was the best experience I've ever had with a chiropractor. The office personnel are very polite and very informative. I am very comfortable and I am going to miss coming 4 times a week.

Roger Dille - Springville NY

My overall experience at Bukaty Family Chiropractic was and continues to be excellent. The staff is very caring and they explain everything to you before anything is done. They were very involved with explaining things and let me be involved in the decision making, they didn't just tell me what to do.

I went through 6 weeks of Spinal Decompression therapy and I can say that my expectation were completely met as I have no back pain or soreness at all.

I have also been undergoing the core stregthening program and that has made my back alot stronger. I would recommend Bukaty Family Chiropractic to anyone interested in Spinal Decompression.

Leonard Boryszak - Cheektowaga, NY

My entire adult life, the work I had to perform eventually brought me to the point where my body needed help, especially my back, because it limited my performance and activities.

I have been going to Doctors with my back pain for many years and found no relief. Seeking additional medical help, my daughter recommended Dr. Christina Bukaty. In my good fortune Dr. Christina started Bukaty Spinal Aid of WNY. Finally with the Spinal Decompression treatment program I am relieved of any pain. Thank you Dr. Christina.

Doris Stokely - Camera Shy

Prior to starting the spinal decompression program I couldn't stand, walk and needed help dressing and bathing and when it was at it's worst I had no life. As far as my alternatives were concerned, other doctors didn't give me much information, but I knew I didn't want surgery. My husband recommended Dr. Bukaty and brought me home information about Spinal Decompression.

Now I'm bathing, walking, standing, doing housework, have a better disposition. I'm glad I came to the office because I feel alot better. The office is very relaxing and I'm always better when I'm done with the treatments. There is no waiting and the environment is not sterile or scary, like many other doctors offices.

Brandon Barberio - Hamburg, NY

As we all know quality of life is an important thing. Work unfortunately is one of those things you cannot get away from. Being hurt at work can be a misfortune to anyone. I had suffered a severe work related accident. I was laid up for 6 months and no options but surgery, then I found out about Spinal Decompression. Thanks to the help of Bukaty Spinal Aid of WNY, I have seen rapid and lasting results from this new treatment after not being able to walk for 6 months and being mostly bed ridden.

I was skeptical about my first spinal decompression treatment, but this non-invasive treatment relieved me of a significant amount of pain on my first visit. Every visit to the office has improved my condition. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone who has been told that surgery is their only option. With a top notch team at the Bukaty Spinal Aid facility, not only are you on the right track to health and wellness, but you are cared for by the best staff in the business.


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