Back Pain

Given the number of people who suffer from back pain, some estimates say more than 80% of people at one time or another in their lives, having a back pain doctor makes perfect sense. Dr. Christina Bukaty and Dr. Matt Driscoll of Bukaty Family Chiropractic in Hamburg, NY offer many treatments to provide the relief you desire. We also proudly serve Lakeview, Orchard Park, and Lackawanna. 

We have a family chiropractic practice, and we treat infants, children, teens, pregnant women, and adults of all ages. Your initial visit may include an x-ray to determine what is going on in your spine and, if necessary, a referral for additional imaging. 

Chiropractic adjustment

Back pain is the number one reason people visit a chiropractor and adjustment is the number one treatment that a chiropractor provides. That’s for good reason; the messages need to get from your brain to all the other parts of the body and if the spine is misaligned, the message is interrupted. This leads to many issues, including pain. By getting the back into alignment, the body works better all around. 

Low level laser

This therapy uses low levels of light to help with pain and with healing at the cellular level. It has anti-inflammatory results that can be beneficial for back pain. It is a handheld device that is used in the chiropractors' office. This is a popular therapy for a back pain doctor to use. 

Spinal decompression

When your discs get herniated or are bulging, it can press on the nerves in your neck or back. The sciatic nerve runs along the spine and down your legs and that is where the pain is felt. It can burn or throb and make your life miserable. Spinal decompression stretches your back to help to open the space between the vertebrae to create suction to pull the disc back where it belongs. 

Massage therapy

Massage therapy benefits the body and the mind. It can be very helpful for back pain and is a therapy that pregnant women, especially, can benefit from. When the body is relaxed, other therapies just work better and more efficiently. When the pain is caused by muscles, relaxing them makes a major difference. Plus, it just feels good and that is good for everyone. 

When you need a back pain doctor in Hamburg, NY, Dr. Bukaty and Dr. Driscoll of Bukaty Family Chiropractic provide many therapies and techniques to help you with your discomfort. Why wait? Give our office a call at 716-627-3668 to make an appointment. 

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