Pregnant Women

Being pregnant is a time of great joy, and it can also be a time of aches and pains. If you are in need of pregnancy chiropractic, Dr. Christina Bukaty and Dr. Matt Driscoll of Bukaty Family Chiropractic in Hamburg, NY offer services that can help make your pregnancy a more relaxed and comfortable time and even help make delivery easier. 

When a woman is pregnant, the growing baby and the increase in body weight can throw her center of gravity off. When your center of gravity changes, your body will compensate to help keep you upright. The alignment of the pelvis also shifts, and all of these changes put stress on the back. A stressed back can be painful and it can make doing even the most simple of daily tasks a trial. A chiropractor can provide several treatments that can help, including chiropractic adjustment and massage. 

Chiropractic adjustment

Chiropractic adjustment for a pregnant woman will be a gentle procedure. Lower back pain is a common complaint and, by the third trimester, can make life very difficult. Lower back pressure can also lead to other problems such as constipation, leg cramps, and cramping in the abdomen. By getting the back into alignment, the pressure on the back will be lessened and the symptoms will reduce, as well. Specialized adjustments are used for pregnant women and continuing education for chiropractors is offered in both pregnancy and pediatric techniques. Dr. Bukaty has continued her education with these seminars on pregnancy chiropractic. 

If you are in need of pregnancy chiropractic, Dr. Christina and Dr. Matt of Bukaty Family Chiropractic in Hamburg, NY are here to help with all your needs. You can reach us at  716-627-3668 or our text line is 771-2320 to request an appointment. 

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