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Bukaty Family Chiropractic

4269 St. Francis Drive  Hamburg NY 14075 

Chiropractic, Decompression, Nutritional

Supplementation and Weight Management

Telephone: 716-627-3668

fax:  716-627-2332

text line:  716-771-2320




Jodi Roney - Lackawanna, NY

To be honest, before receiving chiropractic care, I wasn't completely aware of how my daily life and activities had been affected by my health problems. But now, I think back and realize that aside from the pain in my neck and arms, my overall health was compromised. I can tell a complete difference in my mood because befroe I was very impatient and quick tempered due to my discomfort. I now feel like I am actually pleasant to interact with.

The night before my first appointment with Dr. Christina, I was in so much apin that I laid on my living room floor and cried. Most of my pain was in my neck and shoulders. On a scale from 1 to 10 my pain was about an 8, 10 being the worst. My husband was beside himself because he wanted to help me, but he didn't know how. My mother-in-law had been encouraging me for several years to give chiropractic a try, but I resisted stubbornly. I finally relented as she had expressed how good she felt and how much she enjoyed the relief from getting adjusted regularly.

Every visit Dr. Christina asks me how I am and I tell her I am amazing, but the truth is she is amazing as well as her staff. They are so good to me and I leave the office feeling relieved and well.


Don Pfister - Hamburg

I have been a patient of Bukaty Chiropractic since 2006. At that time I had extreme neck pain that radiated down into my right arm and progressively reduced mobility of my neck. My son in law was being treated by Dr. Bukaty at the time for his neck problem and suggested that I see if she could be of help to me. I received Chiropractic treatments three times per week for about a month, and then reduced to once a week. After about six months I was completely pain free and my neck mobility was near normal. I have followed up every three to four weeks with a maintenance treatment, and have had no recurrence of neck pain or impaired mobility.
In January 2010 I began to experience severe lower back pain that extended down my right leg. The condition worsened to the point that I could only walk a few feet without having to sit down. I went to Dr. Bukaty about my problem. After several treatments she felt that my symptoms indicated that I had a herniated disc, and recommended a six week course of treatment consisting of Spinal Decompression, core strengthening of my back, and chiropractic treatments. This process sounded far better than having to consider surgery or other forms of treatment!
I have completed the six week three part process with great results. I am once again without pain and have resumed my normal activities including extended walks.
In addition, last summer I took part in the Take Shape For Life weight loss program offered by Bukaty Chiropractic. In a three month period I was able to lose 35 pounds. The process was not difficult and I look and feel a lot better.
The entire staff at Bukaty Chiropractic are very capable at what they do, and constantly make me feel that they are genuinely interested in my well being. I highly recommend Bukaty Chiropractic to anyone who is suffering from back or neck pain, or who is looking for a very effective weight loss program.
Don Pfister



Kathleen Mastrobattista

I was having mid back pain which was making me frustrated and depressed. I also have acid reflux which was causing pain and aggravation. I was in an overall bad mood. I was a little hesitant about the treatments but not about the science of Chiropractic Care.

The treatements were gentle and painless. My back pain has vanished with the correcting of my spine. The supplement that was recommended and that I began taking for my acid reflux has worked great too.


Craig Szymanski

I began care at Bukaty Family Chiropractic because of an accident at work. I couldn't stand for prolonged periods of time or bend over. Since my first appointment, I could tell that I was improving, and physically there was reduced pain!Now I can work "pain free", and play sports with my young nieces.

If you're looking for a great chiropractor, I recommend Bukaty Family Chiropractic because Dr. Bukaty truly seems to care, she prides herself in being a perfectionist and her staff are attentive, knowledgeable, and responsive.

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