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Bukaty Family Chiropractic

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Pediatric Testimonials




Quinn A.

Dr. Christina is not only my chiropractor, but my son Quinn's. His asthma and allergies were so out of control that medicines were no longer helping at all. He was only 8 years old! One visit and Quinn was able to breathe easier. His constant barking cough abated and he only needed his inhaler sporadically. Now 14, Quinn comes for seasonal adjustments. Truly a miracle.

Alex W. - Hamburg

I started taking my son Alex to Dr Christina three days after his birth, his birth was rather traumatic and he couldn't even nurse on the left side, she adjusted him and immediately he nursed just fine so we didn't have anymore adjustments for awhile but then he started to develop chronic ear infections, he had them all the time and I told Dr C she said bring him in I can help. His chiropractic adjustments helped the ear infections but they still kept coming back, partly my fault because I should of done more regular adjustments so we had the surgery for tubes, well the surgery didn't work the tubes came out and still ear infection after ear infection and they told us he would most likely need a second surgery.

The idea of this second surgery came up about six months ago at the same time I was telling Dr C that no matter what I did Alex at the age of 4 was still in need of wearing a diaper to sleep because he always woke up wet and unbeknownst to me there is also an adjustment for that, this past summer she adjusted him and I decided to put it to the test and took away the diaper at night, I am very excited to say we have gone since June sleeping in underwear with only 1 accident. Right after he had the accident I took him to Dr C again and that was our only accident to date! I am so excited about this and Alex is a proud little guy!

Also to update the ears, during the course of getting adjusted for his bed wetting we have been getting him adjusted regularly and have not had an ear infection since, I cancelled his presurgery appointment and think we are on the road to no surgery thank god and Dr C.

If you have a bed wetter or even a child that has accidents anytime take my advice and give it a try, you children can only benefit. Take your children to have chiropractic adjustments for wellness and everything in between and see for yourself all the positive results it's amazing!

Katie Myers

Before coming to Bukaty Family Chiropractic, my 2 year old daughter had experienced 14 ear infections from the age of 9 months to 2 years, even with the tubes we saw no improvement. I heard that Chiropractic care could help so I decided to have my daughter see Dr. Bukaty. I was a little skeptical, even though I thought it would help, I thought it would take a long time to see any improvement.

After getting her adjusted, I was very impressed by the results we saw and how quickly we saw them. At my daughters 2 year old physical there was no fluid in her ear! This was the first time her ears were that clear in the last 18 months.


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