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Amy Pfeiffer LMT


My name is Amy Pfeiffer.  I am proud to announce that I have recently joined the Bukaty Family Chiropractic team as a Licensed massage Therapist!  I recently moved to Lakeview, NY from Hamburg and have grown up in the Buffalo area my whole life.  I am the mother of two beautiful young children and the step mother to an amazing young man.  I graduated from the NY Institute of Massage in January 2014 and have been poracticing as a licensed massage therapist since August 2014.

I currently specialize in several different massage modalities listed below:  

Swedish massage:  the most common form of massage.  The main goal is to achieve complete relaxation by manipulating the soft tissues (muscle, tendon, fascia) with long quick strokes.

Medical Massage:  aimed towards resolving a specific condition(s) that a physician has diagnosed the patient with.

Deep Tissue Massage:  targets the deepest layers of the soft tissue.  Generally involves much deeper and slower strokes applied with forearm, elbow, plams and fingers/thumbs.

Prenatal Massage:  specifically geared to alleviate any discomfort that comes with pregnancy.  Prenatal massage may also reduce any symptoms that accompany anxiety or depression.

Sports Massage:  used to help prevent injury in athletes.  Involves rythmic strokes as well as compression, cross fiber friction and assisted stretching.

I am very passionate in what I do and work very hard to make sure each patient gets the personal attention they need.  There are so many benefits that therapeutic massage has to offer.  It can alleviate physical discomfort that might occur due to our daily activites, repetitive bodily motion, trauma or poor posture.  Massage therapy can also reduce the signs and symptoms that accompany emotional trauma, stress, anxiety and depression along with many other conditions.  

I hope this information can assist you with any questions you might have about massage!  Feel free to contact me about any further quesitons you might have.  I hope to see you soon!

Amy will be accepting Auto No-Fault and Workman's Compensation cases.  She will also soon be credentialed with local insurance companies to be able to offer a discount percent for your visits and will also soon be credentialed with BCBS County Insurance.  

Please see Sue or Erin at our front desk for more information, scheduling and fees!


Hamburg Chiropractor | Amy Pfeiffer LMT. Dr. Christina P. Bukaty, DC is a Hamburg Chiropractor.